At Head over Heels, we focus on the following award schemes for the school age classes: British Gymnastics Proficiency and Advanced Proficiency Award Schemes, and Head Over Heels own Cheerleading Awards.

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British Gymnastics Awards

Head Over Heels are now following the British Gymnastics Award Schemes. It is a progressive programme for all our gymnasts from 7 months of age upwards. These are designed to help us develop physical literacy and gymnastics skills in an effective way, whilst encouraging, motivating and challenging the children.


Our youngest pre-school gymnasts follow the British Gymnastics FUNdamentals Programme, there is a different theme each half term and a badge and certificate for all at the end of each one. They then progress to the British Gymnastics Pre-School Proficiency Awards in their pre-school year. There are 3 awards the children can receive over the year. 


When the children start school, they move on to the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards. There are 8 awards within this scheme, starting at level 8 and working up to level 1.


Children in our years 3-6 classes then move on to the Advanced Proficiency Awards.  This scheme is built around a number of key categories. Each category offers a range of skills and activities across three levels of attainment – Bronze, Silver and Gold:


  • Fitness

  • Floor

  • Vault and Rebound

  • Apparatus

  • Hand held apparatus

  • Pairs and Groups

  • Dance and Aerobics


We have 2 displays per year for the school age gymnasts and cheerleaders and 3 for the pre-school independent gymnasts, so that parents and friends can come and watch the children and see how their skills have developed. These are followed by an award presentation.