pre school


Classes are designed to develop children’s skills in a fun environment. The programme is structured to cover all the areas of physical development and build confidence . . . whilst having lots of fun!

Classes are themed, structured and include the use of hand equipment, large apparatus and music.

class information

Fun, themed classes for under 5s with brightly coloured, age specific equipment.

Under 2s

7 months to 2 years

(accompanied by parent)

With parental support, the child is encouraged to walk, climb, balance and roll. It is an ideal environment for lots of safe fun, with nursery rhymes and music to encourage movement. The bright environment is stimulating, offering little ones and their parents an opportunity for socialising.

Over 2s

2 years – 4+ years

(accompanied by parent)

The structure of classes follow a pattern of warm up activities and games, large apparatus work, parachute fun and cool down song and stretch.

Again with parental participation, classes for this age group are more structured and encourage some concentration and listening from the children. Whilst still having lots of fun, skills are developed and children improve their balance, co-ordination and agility through a variety of equipment layouts and hand apparatus.

Independent Classes

3 & 4 years

(for children in their pre-school year)

Children participate on their own, with parents relaxing in the coffee area! Our pre-schoolers are challenged through a variety of fun activities, developing their skills yet further. Focus is on the key skills of Action, Balance and Co-ordination with children following the British Gymnastics Pre-School Proficiency Award Scheme.

In our classes that are accompanied by a parent, We follow the FUNdamental Movement Ideas for Early Years Reward Scheme and each child receives a British Gymnastics badge and certificate every half term.