At Head over Heels, we focus on two award schemes for the pre-school classes. Fundamental Movement Ideas for Early Years - Reward Scheme and Pre-School Proficiency Awards.

pre school

award scheme

schemes & awards


enjoys all the balance activities


enjoys jumping about


enjoys the warm-up sessions


has good locomotory skills


enjoys using the apparatus


is well co-ordinated

‘Funky Cat’

is a good all-rounder

FUNdamental Movement Ideas for Early Years – Reward Scheme

The Fundamental Movement Ideas for Early Years scheme has been developed by British Gymnastics. The programme helps develop essential basic skills in movement and co-ordination.

These skills play an essential role in everyday life and are fundamental to all types of physical learning: Mobility; Awareness of space; Physical control; Manipulative skills.

Participation in the Fundamental scheme stimulates the imagination, gives children a head start in encountering new physical and emotional experiences and in developing social interaction.

The Fundamentals programme has created Funky Cat and Family characters to identify a particular skill through a fun medium.

Each half term there is a new theme. Each child will have the opportunity to complete a number of physical challenges and achieve a British Gymnastics certificate and badge upon completion.

Pre-School Proficiency Awards

Head over Heels Gymnastics follows the British Gymnastics Pre-School Proficiency Awards for our pre-school year gymnasts.

The scheme is made up of 40 movement activities in the 3 building blocks of gymnastics: Action, Balance and Co-ordination. The scheme provides the older children with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and achieve skills-based certificates that are a perfect pre-cursor for the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.